lily-bwLily Bernheimer, Founding Director

Lily is an environmental psychology consultant, writer, and researcher who sees the transition to more sustainable lifestyles as an opportunity to create spaces that work for people. She has led human-centred design projects across the workspace, urban, and residential sectors since 2007.

Lily is currently writing a book on the environmental psychology of everyday spaces, The Shaping of Us, to be published by Little, Brown in 2017.

She regularly speaks at forums such as Clerkenwell Design Week, the London Festival of Architecture, and RIBA, and has been featured in BBC Capital, the London Evening Standard, and The List.

Lily was recently a Research Fellow at the University of Surrey, where she also received her MSc. with distinction in Environmental Psychology, and holds a BA from Brown University. Her dissertation research on barriers to change in transit-oriented development was selected for presentation at the 2012 IAPS-Congress. In 2011 she co-directed and produced a documentary about public space, Open to the Public?, with Paper Tiger TV. She has also worked at the Gotham Center for New York City History and OpenPlans, a tech non-profit working for sustainable city design through open-source development and new media. At OpenPlans, Lily launched and project managed a collaborative mapping tool enabling the NYC Department of Transportation to streamline bike rack location requests and facilitate community planning.

Outside of Space Works, you can find Lily cycling, watching sci fi films, and discussing the difference between British and American jumpers.

Space Works was founded in 2012 by Lily Bernheimer and Sarah Hewitt. We work with a pool of talented associates, bringing in additional skills and expertise projects as needed.