Space Works Consulting is an environmental psychology consultancy helping organizations optimize space use for greater well-being, productivity, and sustainability. Combining academic training and practical experience, we bridge the gap between research and practice to produce creative design solutions from a human factors perspective.

Successful environments rely upon an interaction between place and people. We help designers, developers, and organizations to reshape physical environments as well as the organizational culture and behavior patterns linked to them. We work in three main sectors: workspaces, residential, and the urban realm. Our specialty is developing research-based design strategy for workplaces. Whether your company wants a unique work environment reflecting your brand and identity, or wants to improve staff productivity and engagement, we can help.


Websites and cars are never released without user experience testing and tweaking, but most buildings are sadly put into use with no comparable investment in making sure they work for their users. Our signature approach leverages evidence-based design strategy to put the user first in three key stages:

process boxes


We combine cutting edge methodologies like video-based behaviour mapping with social science techniques such as focus groups to deliver tailored, evidence-based design strategy. Our core service areas include: